IPL Hair Removal

What is Ellipse IPL Hair Removal Treatment?

The Ellipse intense Pulsed Light is a second-generation Intense Pulsed Light system which is clinically proven safe and effectively used for permanent hair reduction.

It works by the visible light source used in this procedure being attracted to melanin, which is found in hair. Because there is more melanin found in darker hair the darker the hair is, the more effective the treatment.  The applicator is pressed onto the skin and the light energy is absorbed into the hair causing a heat reaction to destroy the follicle, which is practically pain free in contrast to many other laser treatments.

As hair grows in cycles, one treatment will not be sufficient in significantly reducing hair growth, so we recommend 6 -8 treatments with a 4-8-week interval between each treatment for the best results. Additional or maintenance treatments may be required.

A decade of proven results and millions of satisfied clients has placed Ellipse among the world’s best systems for hair removal treatments.



Upper lip, mid brows, hand & fingers, feet & toes  £30

Chin, sideburns, Navel, Areola, front neck, back neck  £45

Half face, half arm, chest, underarm, bikini line, buttocks £65

 Full face inc neck, full arm, half leg, Brazilian bikini,  1/2 stomach, 1/2 back  £80

 Hollywood bikini,  full abdomen, full back £99

 Full legs £120


✅ Hands & fingers, feet & toes, middle brows, ears  £40

✅ Cheekbones, front neck, back neck £50

✅ Underarm, half face, shoulders, half arms, chest £80

✅ Full arm, ABS & chest, full back, half leg  £99 

✅ Full legs £140


The sensation of IPL has been described by clients as feeling like an elastic band snapping at the skin, and so as a treatment it is relatively painless.

With IPL you can expect to rid yourself of unwanted hair with long lasting results, achievable in 6-8 sessions of IPL (minimum recommendation).

When receiving this treatment, you are avoiding causing stress to the skin, pain of waxing and potential break outs that can occur when waxing.

Clients should not sunbathe, use self-tanning products or sunbeds one month ahead of the treatment immediately after treatment the skin is particularly sensitive to UV light this should also be avoided 1 month after.

Do not use any method of hair removal 30 days prior to treatment.

We will of course provide you with a comprehensive fact sheet prior to your treatment that will explain all you need to know. Your consultation appointment will include a patch test and to be performed at least 48 hours prior to your booking.